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Indian Express


Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Todays Topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 12 Restructure defamation law (Polity and Governance) What is libelousness? Defamation Law in India and the observations of the Supreme Court, emerging issues, and the way forward
GS 2 16 Today, Finland veers to the right as it prepares to join NATO (International) What specifically is the North Atlantic Treaty? What is the procedure for NATO membership? Members and their mandates.
GS 3 14 Questions regarding sales tax and actors’ copyright in the Anushka case (Economy) What exactly is Sales tax? What is the present status of the performer’s rights?
GS 3 15 Oil prices rise as OPEC+ shocks markets by cutting output targets (Economy) What exactly is OPEC+? Why has OPEC+ reduced oil output, and how will this affect India and the rest of the world?

The Hindu


The Hindu
Subject Pg No Todays Topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 1 4


Akhilesh unveils Kanshi Ram’s statue in an effort to reach out to Dalits (Significant Personalities) Learn about Kanshi Ram and his accomplishments
GS 2 9 On defamation law: a blow against freedom of speech and expression


(Policy and Administration)

What Constitutes Defamation? Background of Defamation Law in India, Prior Defamation Judgments, associated issues/concerns, and recommendations
GS 2


10 The EC informs the Supreme Court that only the government can decide whether or not to hear the appeals of disqualified legislators.


(Policy and Administration)

What are the criteria for disqualifying legislators?
GS 2 10 9.3% of loans under PM SVANidhi were granted to merchants from minority groups.

(Welfare Schemes)

Learn about the PM SVANidhi programme and its development.
GS 2 11 The Rajya Sabha passes Competition Bill despite disruptions (Government Policies and Interventions) What are the primary characteristics and goals of the Competition (Amendment) Bill 2023?
GS 3 6 It is time to price carbon emissions (Environment) What components comprise India’s low-emissions strategy? What is a carbon tax? Advantages, Pricing Methods, India’s Effect, and Suggestions
GS 3 10 The India-U.S. air exercise will commence the next week, with Japan serving as an observer (Defence) Get information about the Cope India exercise.