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Indian Express

Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Todays Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 1 12 I am a quota child (Significant Personalities)


Dr. B.R. Babasaheb Ambedkar and his contributions should be studied.
GS 2 15 Ukraine War and the G20 (International Relations) Know about India-Ukraine relations, recent events, India’s G20 challenge, and the path forward.
GS 2 15 Maternity benefits for adoptive mothers (Government Policies and Interventions) in South Carolina. What is the 1961 Maternity Benefit Act? What effect did the 2017 amendment have? Learn about the constitutionality of Maternity Benefit Act of 1961 Section 5(4).
GS 2 17 Ukraine War and the G20 (International Relations) What exactly is the Paris Club? How has Paris Club been involved in debt agreements?
GS 2/3 13 No breathable air for false news (Governance/Internal Security). What exactly is Disinformation? Why is it necessary to combat misinformation? Consequences, government measures and recommendations

The Hindu

The Hindu
Subject Pg No Todays Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 1


(Politics and Government) The federal government’s attorneys managing criminal cases will be monitored by the federal government. Know about Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS),its features and objectives 
GS 2 6 The Jivhala loan program aids Yerwada prison inmates serving life sentences (Welfare Programs). Learn facts related to  Jivhala scheme


GS 2  8 A reminder regarding unrestricted constitutional positions (Politics and Government). Why there is a need for independent institutions in democracy? emerging challenges, court’s observations, and what lies ahead?
GS 1 10 PM moves to Assam’s Bihu rhythms (Art and Culture). Learn facts related to Bihu 
GS 3 12 The NISAR satellite will survey the seismic zones of the Himalayas (Science and Technology). Know about the NISAR satellite and its objectives 
GS 3 14 Textile, apparel exports decline 14% Know about Textile and apparel sector in India, potential, progress, challenges, initiatives and what lies ahead