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Indian Express

Indian Express
Subject Pg No Todays Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS
GS 2 3 The Supreme Court may grant a divorce upon irretrievable breakdown and may waive the six-month waiting period (Politics and Government). What is Article 142 of the United States Constitution? Learn the current divorce procedure under the Hindu Marriage Act and the Supreme Court’s rulings.



GS 2 7 Rajnath discusses defense cooperation with his counterpart from the Maldives.


(Diplomatic Relations)

Learn the current status of India-Maldives relations, recent developments, and the outlook for the future.
GS 2 10 One year is added to the Smart Cities deadline (Politics and Government).



Learn about Smart Cities Mission (SCM) objectives, developments, and progress.



GS 2 11 The Supreme Court agrees to hear the Centre’s petition for the reversal of the April 26 default bail ruling (Politics and Government). What is a bond in default?
GS 3 3 In November, India’s first underwater passages will open in Mumbai (Economy). What are the primary characteristics and significance of the undersea conduit in Mumbai?
GS 3 13 The paradox of starvation (Food Security) Learn about the causes and issues of food scarcity in India, the findings of numerous studies, and the associated difficulties. In fighting Hunger, initiatives and what lay ahead are discussed.
GS 3 15 Understanding AI (Science and Technology) What conclusions did the recent G7 meeting reach regarding artificial intelligence?
GS 3 17 The World Bank introduces a more comprehensive business climate index (Economy). Learn about the World Bank’s new assessment methodology for business climate.


The Hindu

The Hindu
Subject Pg No Todays Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS
GS 2


1 The Supreme Court says it can terminate the waiting period for a divorce by mutual consent (Politics and Government). Article 142 of the Constitution must be understood. How does one currently obtain a divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA)? What are the problems with the current divorce procedure? And Supreme judgments
GS 2 4 Missionaries’ efforts to propagate Christianity are not illegal: T.N. to Supreme Court (Policy and Government). Learn about Freedom of religion and constitutional provisions in India.




GS 2 6 The significance of constitutional timeliness (Politics and Government) How are Governors selected, and what is the Governor’s relationship to the state government?Why is their function frequently controversial?




GS 2 8 The revised anti-espionage statute in China (International Agreements and Policies) What is the anti-espionage law in China? What caused the modifications? And how will this impact India’s interests?
GS 2 9 The expanding medicinal applications and properties of psychoactive substances (Health) What is the psychedelics’ history?How do psychedelic substances function within the human body?





GS 2 12 If charges are submitted on time, there is no question of default bail: SC (Governance) What is a Bail by Default?
GS 2 12 Today marks the start of the inaugural ASEAN-India maritime exercise in the South China Sea (International Relations). Know the significance of the ASEAN-India Maritime Exercise (AIME)
GS 2 14 Trade agreement raises India’s exports to UAE to $31.3 billion in FY23 (International Relations) Learn about the India-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and its development.