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Indian Express

Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Today’s Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 1 15&24 As the conflict in Sudan grinds on, members of the Healers and Travellers tribe of Karnataka wait to be rescued.






Who are the Hakki Pikki?
GS 1 19 Bengal ranks first on the list of states with the most pools and reservoirs, according to the first-ever waterbody census



What are the results of the first waterbody census?
GS 2 14 EC will replace 2,2 million circuit boards in 2024. As the conflict in Sudan grinds on, some members of a Karnataka tribe await rescue.



VVPAT stands for Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail. How do VVPAT devices operate? Importance and necessity of VVPATs.
GS 2 24 Relations between China and Central Asia



What are the outcomes of the meeting between the trade ministers of C+C5 (China and five Central Asian republics)? And what is India’s position in this scenario?
GS 2 16 Steel structure for Bhavna vriksh



Learn about National Civil Service Day, its historical ties, the function of civil services in India, its challenges, and its prospects for the future.
GS 3 17  Mega Science and Mega Dreams


(Science and Technology


Learn about the LIGO India Project and its advantages.
GS 3 15  A new space policy clarifies the functions of private and public entities



What are the most notable features of Space Policy 2023? And its relevance

The Hindu

The Hindu
Subject Pg No Today’s Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 1  10 Game of numbers


(Population and Related Issues)

What conclusions does the most recent State of World Population Report reach?
GS 2 10 A new strategy for combating tuberculosis



Describe Tuberculosis(TB).TB Burden in India, Associated Concerns, Government Initiatives and Objectives, and Recommendations
GS 3 12 India’s dilemma with fighter jets



How does the diminishing number of squadrons affect India’s security concerns? And future intentions
GS 3 14 The IAF will participate in a multilateral exercise in Greece


Gain knowledge about INIOCHOS-23
GS 3 6


ISRO will conduct in-orbit scientific experiments with used PlayStation 4

(Science and Technology) as part of the PSLV-C55 mission.

Learn about the mission of PSLV-C55/TeLEOS-2 and its purpose.