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The Hindu


The Hindu
Subject Pg No Headlines Relevance for Prelims and Mains  
GS 2 8


The limits of American power in West Asia 

(International Relations)

Know about America’s influence in West Asia, emerging challenges, how it affects India’s interest and what lies ahead


GS 2 8 Abolition is the way 

(Polity and Governance)

Know about the Supreme Court’s view on the death penalty, Arguments in favor of the Death Penalty, Arguments against it, and future outlook 


GS 3 8 Final solution 


What is the IPCC synthesis report and what does it say?? issues highlighted, What are the implications for India? and suggestions 
GS 2


9 The road to ending tuberculosis 


What is Tuberculosis(TB)? Cause, Transmission, Treatment, Global Efforts and initiatives of India, and what more needs to be done?
GS 1 11 Getting it right: a historian’s effort to document the life of Bhagat Singh


Learn facts related to Shaheed Diwas Day And Bhagat Singh


GS 1 12 Govt. will attempt to open corridor to Sharda Peeth in PoK for devotees: Shah

(Art and Culture)

Know about Sharda Peeth and Kartarpur corridor
13 President confers Padma awards on S.M. Krishna, Kumar Mangalam Birla


What are Padma Awards?
GS 3 13 IAF pilots sharpen their skills at Exercise Cobra Warrior in the U.K


Learn facts related to ‘Exercise Cobra Warrior’


Indian Express


Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Headlines Relevance for Prelims and Mains  
10 Krishna, Birla, singer Kalyanpur among 50 given  Padma awards


Learn facts related to Padma awards
GS 2 10 National party tag: Election Commission holds hearings with NCP, CPI, TMC

(Polity and Governance)

What are criteria for recognition as a National Party?


GS 3 13 No fertliser shortage in Kharif season: minister 


What is PM PRANAM Scheme? How will it work? Why is it needed?
GS 2 14 Virus and Oneness challenge 


Know about the concern related to ongoing influenza outbreaks and the recent rise in Covid-19 cases, India’s preparedness,

And future outlook 

GS 2 14 Happiness paradox 

(International Reports )

What are the findings of  World Happiness Report 2023? , India’s rank, key analysis, and way ahead 
GS 3 15 Answers in the offshore wind 


Know about India’s offshore wind energy potential,

What is the relevance of cooperation between the Centre and Tamil Nadu to realize the state’s off-shore wind potential? progress and way ahead 


GS 2 17 44 Indian courses among top 100 in QS university ranking 


What is the finding of QS World University Rankings 2023? 
GS 2/3 18 High Seas Treaty

(International Treaties /Conservation 

What are the high seas? Key provisions of high seas Treaty, challenges, and suggestions 


GS 3 23 High-speed internet: How will India develop a 6G network?

(Science and Technology)

What is 6G?What is India’s 6G roadmap?What is India’s immediate action plan?How are other regions looking at the 6G rollout?