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Subject Pg No Todays topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 1


In a libel case, Rahul is sentenced to two years in prison (Polity and Governance) What is libel?, Legal provisions, Supreme Court observations, their ramifications, and the way forward
GS 2 1 India rejects J&J’s attempt to extend the TB drug’s patent (Health) What exactly is Bedaquiline?
GS 3 8 An actionable climate change survival guide (Environment) What issues and recommendations are highlighted in the IPCC’s synthesis report?
GS 3


10 India’s efforts in semiconductors (Economy) Why is the government encouraging semiconductor manufacturing? What benefits does India offer?
GS 3 10 Why does India’s CAMPA contradict the latest IPCC report?


What is Reforestation for Compensation? India’s policy, issues, and the future
GS 2 12 Government utilises technology to preserve ancient texts for the future: Amit Shah (Polity and Governance) Acquaint yourself with Vedic Heritage Portal and its objectives The government uses technology to preserve ancient texts for future generations: Amit Shah (Polity and Governance) Familiarize yourself with the Vedic Heritage Portal and its goals.
GS 2 14 One conviction for unsafe sewer work to date, the government informs the panel.

A panel questions the low cost of two scholarship programmes

(Policy and Administration)

What does the Manual Scavenging (Prohibition) Act prohibit? Why Does It Still Exist in India? Aware of the NAMASTE scheme

Learn about the PM-YASASVI programme and its goals.

GS 3 16 A former Supreme Court judge could lead the GST Appellate Tribunal (Economy)  





Indian Express

Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Todays topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 3& 17 After Rahul was found guilty of defamation, Congress fought to keep him in the House.

Once Rahul Gandhi was found guilty

How does the Supreme Court’s Lily Thomas decision affect the Rahul Gandhi case? (Polity and Governance)

What is libel precisely? How does a representative lose eligibility?
GS 2 10 According to the ministry, the extension of the Smart Cities Mission is still a “open issue.”


(Governance and Politics)

What is the Smart Cities Initiative? its development, issues, and recommendations
GS 2 14 Chinese steps and Russian ballet (International Relations) What are the outcomes of the summit between Russia and China? How does this affect India’s interests and outlook for the future?
GS 2 15 If a nation is to continue to be a democracy, the press must remain free (Governance) What role do the media play in a democracy? problems / obstacles and suggestions
GS 2 17 How India plans to eradicate tuberculosis by the target year 2025 (Health) What is India’s goal for TB eradication? What efforts are being made to achieve this objective? And what improvements have been made to treatment protocols?
GS 2 17 Parliamentary guillotine (Polity and Governance), What is the legislative procedure known as “guillotine”? Where did the word originate?