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The Hindu

The Hindu
Subject Pg No Todays News Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 1


PPF, Sukanya Samriddhi interest rate walk unlikely (Polity and Governance) Know about Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) and Public Provident Fund (PPF)
GS 3 9 A G20 consensus on the ocean commons



What constitutes the Blue Economy? Significance, Challenges, Steps taken by the Government to Promote the Blue Economy, the role of India’s G20 presidency and what lies ahead
GS 2 11 Autism screening: assessing and identifying the severity of the disorder



Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): what is it?
GS 2/3


13 The Finance Bill was approved by both Houses despite protests.



What are the key features of the Finance Bill 2023? recent amendments, and How is a Money Bill different from a Financial bill?

Indian Express

Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Todays News Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 3 Institution of Eminence labels are wrapped in bureaucracy for private campuses (Polity and Governance) Learn about the Institutions of Eminence programme, its characteristics, and its significance.
GS 2 8 The protest becomes black, and torn papers are hurled at the speaker (Polity and Governance) What are the characteristics of the Finance Bill 2023, and how does it differ from the Money Bill?
GS 1/2 8 61 suicide deaths at IITs, IIMs, and NITs since 2018: Government (Social Issues /Health) What exactly is suicide? Statistics on suicide deaths in India and government initiatives in India.
GS 2 12 Government deems 9000 applications for school renovations under PM-SHRI eligible (Polity and Governance) Learn about PM SHRI and its development.
GS 2 15 In the interest of safety (Polity and Governance) Learn about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), its ramifications, key analysis, and next steps.
  18 Time for Daylight Savings (Miscellaneous) What exactly is Summer Time?