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The Hindu

The Hindu
Subject Pg No Todays Topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2/3 6


Catching the next wave (Policy and Governance/ Infrastructure): India’s DPIs A comprehension of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), How is India’s digital public infrastructure (DPI) doing currently? , initiatives, obstacles, and way forward
GS 2 8 Comprehending the Russia-Belarus connection (International Relations ) Why does Russia intend to station nuclear tactical weapons in Belarus? By stationing these weapons in an ally country, does Russia violate any international agreements? How are relations with Belarus and Russia? Will this escalate Russia-Ukraine hostilities?
GS 3 8 How should India manage its solar PV waste problem?


What are Photovoltaic (PV) byproducts? issues associated with it and How can the nation improve the management of PV waste?
GS 1


9 How caste prejudice permeates the campus meritocracy discourse ( Social Issues) What are the root causes of caste prejudice in India? nature of caste discrimination in higher education institutions, emerging issues, government efforts, and what more needs to be done in this context?
GS 3 11 The Army will acquire a satellite that will provide mission-critical data (Defence) What exactly is “Project Akashteer”? GSAT 7B And Sarang

Indian Express

Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Todays Topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 3 Because the state is powerless, hate speech is occurring: the Supreme Court (Polity and Governance) What is hateful language? Reasons for Limiting Hate Speech, Challenges and Way Forward Regarding Hate Speech Statutes and Regulations
GS 2 8 The Lok Sabha passes the Competition (Amendment) Bill despite the continuing stalemate in the House of Representatives (Polity and Governance) Learn about the key features and goals of the Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022.
GS 2 12 How the west hijacks the G20 (International Relations) Learn about the G20, its origin, objectives, and issues, as well as India’s role in the G20.
GS 3 12 Not just rations (Food Security) What is SMART-PDS System? Components, objectives, advancement, and future prospects
GS 2 15 2020-2030:possible” lost “decade (International Reports ) What are the key findings of the recent report titled “Falling Long-Term Growth Prospects: Trends, Expectations, and Policies” published by the world banks?