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The Hindu



The Hindu  
Subject Pg No Headlines Relevance for Prelims and Mains  
GS 2 1


Select Central staff can opt for Old Pension Scheme

(Welfare Schemes)

What is Old Pension Scheme? And  How is it different from the National Pension System?
  1 Kerala girl on World Hearing Day poster 



Learn facts related to World Hearing Day


GS 2 6 Picking the watchdog 

(Polity and Governance)

How are the Chief Election Commissioners and Election Commissioners appointed, and what has the Supreme Court order changed?key analysis and way ahead 
GS 2


8 Supreme Court eases norm for selection of consumer court presidents, members

(Polity and Governance)


What is Article 142 of the Constitution?and its Scope 
GS 2 9 World Bank to lend $1 billion to support India’s health sector


What are key highlights of a recent agreement between World Bank  and India for health sector development?
GS 1/2 10 India scores 74.4 in World Bank index on working women

(Social Issues/International Reports)

What are the findings of World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law 2023 report?
GS 2/3 12 Ministry seeks partners for textile training scheme

(Welfare Schemes/inclusive growth

Know about Samarth scheme and its objectives 

Indian Express

Indian Express



Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Headlines Relevance for Prelims and Mains  
GS 2


1 Day after G20, Quad sends message to Russia, China on Ukraine, aggression


(International Relations)

What is the Quad? why was it formed? And Recent updates linked to it.


GS 2 5 Raisina Dialogue: Quad like soft Beatles, members can release solo albums, says Japan minister

(International Relations)

What is the Raisina Dialogue? And key highlights 


GS 2 10 In parliament’s court

(Polity and Governance)


Know about SC’s recent verdict on the Appointment of Election Commissioners, What issues did the court take up? How did the government respond? and way ahead 
GS 3   How forest certification works


Know about Forest certification,

its need, India-specific standards, Issues and Suggestions 

GS 2 13 Hidden corridor in 4500-year-old Giza Pyramid: significance of find  



Know about Great Pyramid of Giza and Why is the discovery of a hidden corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza important?


GS 3 13 Satellites photobombing Hubble wrecking its iconic images: study


Know about the Hubble telescope and What are the findings of the recent study?


GS 1 13 The story of Humayun, beyond his failure and exile


Learn facts related to Humayun and major events linked to him