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Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Todays Topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 1 11 Why tiger-loving Idu Mishmi oppose tiger sanctuaries in Dibang Sanctuary (Population and Associated Issues) What is the relationship between the Idu Mishmis and the forest, and why do they oppose the proposed tiger reserve?
GS 3 3 The budget has been approved and the groundwork has been laid for India’s largest facility to explore the universe (Science and Technology) Learn about India’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory and its function.
GS 3 9 Government approval for 42 of 75 biogas plants designated for urban areas (Environment) What exactly is the Gobardhan plan?
GS 3 11 New formula for pricing domestic petrol: what and why? (Economy) What are the Key changes in the pricing regime for domestic natural gas? Effects and recommendations Kirit Parikh panel
GS 3 11 Research suggests that the Tasmanian tiger, extinct since the 1930s, may have survived until the early 2000s (Environment ) Discover information about the Tasmanian tiger

The Hindu


The Hindu
Subject Pg No Todays Topic Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 6


Some recommendations for India’s IFA negotiations IFA stands for Investment Facilitation Agreement. Features, objectives, India’s perspective, and what’s next?
GS 2  9 Himachal Pradesh is considering legalising cannabis cultivation, according to the Chief Minister (Health/Governance). What is marijuana? India’s Position and Rules:
GS 3 6 (International Agreements )

Pause and effect


What are the most important decisions made by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India? repercussions and prospective outlook
GS 3 10 A database containing 10,000 genomes will soon be accessible to researchers (Science and Technology) What is the India Genome Project? objectives and development