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About SPACE I.A.S.

DR. SHALINI SINGH is a staunch believer that “Imparting Education is the Biggest Religion” and has as his mission to provide high-quality education. SPACE IAS to make sure that our youth may achieve their goals and are not deceived in any way.

Due to its ongoing efforts to mentor and guide each student in the SPACE IAS family through excellent instruction and individualized support throughout his path as a Civil Service aspirant, SPACE IAS has been able to establish a stronger relationship with its students since its start.

According to SPACE IAS, “The quality of students is determined by the quality of teachers.” In order to ensure that students receive the best in the business, SPACE IAS has a team of highly regarded retired professors, former bureaucrats, and topic experts on its faculty. Our teachers are the most sought-after in the industry because of their years of experience, in-depth study of the subject matter, general comprehension of the UPSC syllabus, and knowledge of current test trends.

If you adhere to the 6 Ds—Desire, Decision, Dedication, Determination, Discipline, and Direction—success will come knocking at your door, in our opinion. By employing the most effective techniques and exam-relevant strategies, SPACE IAS serves as a torchbearer for the students by giving them the proper direction for passing the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination, which is one of the most difficult and prestigious tests, can be passed with the help of careful planning, better instruction, and study discipline. The curriculum at SPACE IAS is regularly revised in accordance with the shifting requirements of the Exam. The goal of SPACE IAS is to support each candidate’s development of character and increase their likelihood of passing the test.

The availability of the online learning platform “Student’s Portal,” live/online classroom programs, online test series, updated study books/material, Interview Guidance Program, Postal Course, and much more makes SPACE IAS – a preferred destination for the aspirants in addition to the classroom courses and Test Series.


Director's Desk

"Imparting education is the only religion I believe"
Dear Aspirants,

Welcome to Space IAS, Where your allegiance and enthusiasm will be amalgamated with your years of enriching experience in guiding and navigating the young blood of the nation to realize their potential and steer the growth of the nation.

“Welcome to the compassionate learning culture and to a warm academic community”

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all for coming to a step ahead and taking the decision to pursue civil services as a career. Kudos to all as civil services do not merely offer you just another lucrative job for earning a livelihood: it provides a great opportunity to realize your potential, enjoy your assignment and stay out of the league. As it is wisely said “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities” along with the aforementioned you will have the responsibility to serve and eventually lead the nation by being the face of the nation.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) tests an aspirant’s sustainability and adaptability for top-rank positions in Indian bureaucracy through different stages of the examination. A candidate is supposed to showcase administrative traits i.e. mental alertness, critical power of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, the balance of judgment, variety, and depth of interest ability for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity along with social traits

At Space IAS, we firmly believe in your dreams as passionately as you and we will be at the forefront of knowledge dissemination, with the highest quality teaching.


Our Vision

Space IAS ensure that Standardized education ease the promenade for aspirant by high-quality of education and ideas imparting by expert faculty as Space IAS has been Team of Ex-Civil Servant, Professor Bureaucrats, Specialist of Subject to ensure the best quality of his Sphere as years of experience and depth in Subject followed by UPSC Syllabus and the Changing behavioral trend of UPSC.


Our Mission

Space IAS strongly believes that the 4D’s of your Life – Dedication Determination, Discipline, and Direction will definitely lead you to the Dream that Comes true through your hard work. Space IAS helps you in adapting the best method for writing and expressing your thought’s in the Exam.

Meet Our Mentors

LLB LKO University
Ex – Ips officer PhD(Ancient India,Art & Culture)
LL.M. Allahabad University Senior Adv. at Allahabad Bench
Environment Faculty
Msc microbiology. M.A. History/ sociology / philosophy
LL.M. ( Allahabad university) M.A History
Economy Faculty
PhD. Sociology
Aptitude test Expert Faculty

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