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Virtually every year, millions of aspirants from all corners of the nation prepare to take the exam in an effort to realize their dreams and achieve the highest level of success.

Youth who are devoted, persistent, and committed to their passion realize their dreams in this manner.

The Civil Services Examination is the most significant examination conducted at all India level for important services like IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS etc. which is organised every year by UPSC.


Articles 315-323, Part XIV, Chapter II of the Indian Constitution designate UPSC as a Constitutional Body charged with carrying out the duties, functions, and obligations outlined in Article 320. The Union Public Service Commission conducts various examinations in accordance with the Rules of examination as notified by the Government of India in a just, fair, and impartial manner to select and recommend candidates for various Group A and Group B Services of the Government of India on the basis of merit. Civil Services Examination is regarded as the most prestigious and difficult exam in the nation. In addition to a professional vocation, it affords us the chance to do something exceptional for the country and society.

The preliminary examination is the first and most significant stage of the three-part Civil Examination.

UPSC prelims strategy do’s and don’t’s: Dos:


Revise: Whatever subject and topic you are studying, make sure to revise and remember so you do not make lose marks in those topics. Without proper revision, you will probably transport more confusion into the exam hall and end up with a higher negative score that will undo all the good work that you have otherwise done.

Make assessment on Facts vs Concepts: The UPSC prelims over the last few years in fundamental subjects has become quite conceptual. So look at the last 4-5 year’s question papers and make an assessment of the type of questions that are posed on each subject. For example, in Polity, you do not need to rote memorize names of past Presidents, Election Commissioners etc. (Qs used to be asked on them earlier but not anymore). The Economy paper is now highly conceptual and highly scoring. So concentrate on comprehending the basics. Make assessment of all subjects. If your preparation is a mismatch to the exam pattern, then you will only be squandering time.

Space out your current affairs preparation: Many students make the mistake of picking up current affairs booklets in the last few weeks hoping to complete. Reality is that it will be overload of information and your memory may not be able to cope up with the sudden burden. So devote a few hours everyday from now itself on current affairs and make sure again to revise regularly. Even if you are unable to complete all current affairs, do not worry. Study and revise what you can. Same goes for map work; allot a modest amount of time per day and continue to review.

Practice a great deal with Tests: Make sure to pick up some test series booklets and attempt them regardless of the level of your preparation. This will help you assess the level of your preparation, your ability to finish on time, and the kind of basic errors you commit like improper reading of the questions or options etc.

Develop a routine to maximize your activity during exam hours: During the last weeks leading up to the exam, make sure you are studying or practising with intense concentration in the two slots of 9am-12pm and 2am-5pm. Your brain will adapt to being at its most active during those hours.

Check out the assessment site in advance: You (or someone who’s going to accompany you) must physically go and visit the exam venue once before the exam day, so that there are no surprises that day. Additionally, you will comprehend the optimal mode of transportation. Also, if you plan to take a taxi, keep in mind that there will be a high demand for cabs, so you should reserve a buffer of 10 to 15 minutes.

Reach the venue well on time: Make sure you reach the venue 45 min to 1 hour before the scheduled time. Last minute rush and anxiety to reach the venue could negatively impact your concentration.



Everyone will receive the same assignment: Rely on your preparation and perform at your best. Anxiety prior to or during the examination will hinder your performance. Close your eyes, block out all external stimuli, and take steady breaths for a minute to achieve a state of calm. Do not be frightened, even if the paper appears difficult at first glance and you feel you know nothing. You will discover a sufficient number of questions you can answer if you maintain your composure and examine the exam question by question.


Do not consider yourself to be uninformed or underprepared: Your preparation is a fact that cannot be altered on the day of the exam. Do not allow thoughts of preparation to penetrate your mind once you have decided to present the paper. Concentrate solely on your knowledge and make an intelligent effort on the paper.

In the days preceding the exam, you must devote as much time as possible to concentration and study. The state of mind leading up to an examination is crucial.

Students frequently disregard the fact that completing out OMR sheets is not only time-consuming, but also the most crucial aspect of the preliminary examinations. If you wish to avoid filling out the OMR sheet after each query, ensure that you do so at least every 45 to 50 minutes. This will not only ensure that you do not lose points for not completing out the OMR sheet, but it will also assist you in better planning your paper for the conclusion. Also, while filling out the OMR sheet, be sure to mentally read the question number aloud; sequentially filing out the sheet without referring to the question numbers could result in a major catastrophe.

Do not make any errors on the attendance document: During the exam, you will be required to fill out an attendance sheet that includes circles. It will only take one to two minutes if you exercise extreme caution. Although exam canter’s will assist you if you make an error, this will not only waste your time but also increase your apprehension. Students making errors on their exam sheets is a fairly common occurrence. Consequently, extreme caution is advised.

Leave no question unanswered prior to examining the alternatives: Read each query and answer option at least once. There are always two or three questions that can be answered simply by reading the question and options attentively. You will be able to eliminate two or three options with minimal information.

Do not over-attempt:  Never assume that you’ll be required to answer a certain number of inquiries. After attempting the exam, you will be able to evaluate its difficulty in your mind. Attempting approximately 70 questions (in paper-I) could be sufficient if the paper appears to be very difficult and your preparation has been thorough. Therefore, there is no set number, but you should not feel compelled to answer 90-100 questions because some top scorers did so.

A. Overview of civil coaching:

B. Importance of choosing the right coaching institute: It is crucial to choose the finest coaching institute to supplement a student’s success-oriented efforts. Regardless of their educational level, today’s students confront a significant dilemma when choosing a career path. The availability of far too many options, coupled with the anxiety of making the incorrect selection, causes the waste of irreplaceable time, effort, and an exam attempt with the UPSC. It is well-known that passing the IAS Exam is a challenging endeavour. In the end, it is the most rigorous examination, with an average selection rate of less than 1%.  An excellent IAS coaching institute would help fill in knowledge gaps and develop the necessary skills to pass the UPSC examination.


Approximately 11 lakh candidates sit for prelims annually, with 5 lakhs taking the IAS Prelims examination. Thousands of students intend to enroll in the Best Coaching Institute for IAS exam preparation, but as the number of IAS Coaching canter’s increases, they are becoming perplexed.


Varieties of Coaching

Depending on your level of preparation and learning, there are a variety of coaching categories. Choosing the most qualified coach is risky. This is due to the abundance of information and content on online platforms.


The candidates are unsure of which option to select. There are a variety of coaching centres that claim to be the finest, but few of them can be trusted. You must consider locating the most trustworthy and efficient coaching canter for yourself. If you want the finest advice, you must read the entire article. Remember that the finest one will have the most experienced professionals guiding you down the correct path to achieving your goals.


II. Factors to consider when choosing a civil coaching in Lucknow: Most candidates preparing for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam will benefit greatly from enrolling in a coaching institute. Because of the increased demand for coaching, there has been an increase in the number of coaching institutes, particularly in Delhi. The quality of these coaching varies; some are excellent, while others are inferior. Furthermore, coaching fees have risen in recent years. Before enrolling in a coaching programme, candidates should make an informed decision.


1. Faculty Every civil service academy in India depends on its faculty. They contribute to the academies’ reputation.

A well-qualified teaching staff can better guide you and make a significant difference in the lives of the students.

Before enrolling in the academy, it is critical to inquire about the qualifications of the teaching staff, their experience, and the assistance they provide.

2. Courses Offered and Timings

Make sure you thoroughly go through the courses offered by the institute to understand what they are offering.

Check with the institute about the duration and timings of the course, availability of the optional subjects of your choice and whether they provide online classes as well.

3. Study Material & Test Series

Another factor to consider before enrolling in a civil service academy is the study material provided by the coaching institute.

Inquire about the learning materials they provide to students and whether they provide updated and relevant content for preparing for the civil service examination.

Test series are essential for preparing for the Civil Service Preliminary and Mains Exams. Test series assist students in covering the entire civil service exam syllabus.

It assists students in comprehending the exam pattern. Inquire about the academy’s test series and whether it is included with the course you are interested in.

4. Past Results and Student Reviews

Check the academy’s track record before enrolling in a civil service coaching institute. It is best to speak with current students or former students about the institution and its teaching methods.

This will give you an idea of how the coaching institute works and an insight into the academy’s teaching approach.

5. Budget-Friendly

The fee structure is an important consideration when selecting an academy. Examine the fees structure of the civil service coaching institute and compare it to the coaching services offered by them.

You should inquire whether test series and other exam-related tests are included in the fee you are paying.

6. Study material Clearing the CSE paper necessitates a solid foundation in all subjects. The right study material provides you with a solid conceptual understanding of the subjects, allowing you to prepare more effectively.

The best IAS coaching centres provide a comprehensive collection of books and other study materials that are adequate for covering the entire curriculum.

To stay on track with your preparations, you must collect the necessary books and reading material. Enrolling in a top IAS coaching in Delhi is one way to get access to the right study material.

7. Teaching infrastructure The IAS coaching centre that you select for yourself should have properly equipped classrooms and all of the teaching tools required to conduct the classes effectively. You can look for things like adequate seating, white boards, projectors, and air-conditioned classrooms, among other things.

A coaching institute with a good infrastructure provides you with the necessary resources and an environment in which you can concentrate on your studies. The quality of infrastructure also reflects the coaching center’s attitude and commitment to their students’ success.

8. Test series

While looking for the best IAS coaching centre in Delhi, consider which institutes have a good mock test programme and which have a good collection of test series.

Test series are frequently recommended by IAS aspirants who pass the civil services exam, and for good reason. By taking regular mock tests, you can determine whether your preparations are adequate and identify areas of strength and weakness.

This is one aspect of your IAS preparation that you must not overlook. Attempting a sufficient number of mock tests is an absolute must, especially once you have completed the entire curriculum.

9. Teaching style

An IAS coaching centre with the best faculty is useless if the teaching style is not something you can follow. Before you join a coaching institute, you should insist on taking a few trial lessons to see if the teaching style is right for you and if you understand what is being taught in class.

10. Counselling

A good IAS coaching centre’s teachers and mentors will have experience dealing with these issues and will be able to guide you through the difficult times.

Preparing for the civil services exam can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. Long hours of study, a broad curriculum, peer pressure, expectations, and so on can all be very stressful for some students.

11. Course Fee & cost of additional resources

Finally, the cost of IAS coaching is an important consideration. You must locate a coaching canter that provides the best training program, study materials, and other resources at an affordable price.

You must ensure that the money you invest in Civil Services preparation is well spent.

Before enrolling in a coaching institute, conduct thorough research and gather all relevant information about a good coaching institute to avoid wasting your money and time. Choose and invest in a good institute to ensure that you pass the exam with flying colours. It can be concluded that you must be selective, systematic, and radical when making a conscious decision about your preferred IAS coaching institute. All of the factors mentioned above will benefit you and help you achieve good grades. When you look at previous results and student reviews, you gain a variety of insights and ideas about the institution. How their staff teaches students, and what facilities are available at the IAS coaching institute. So, keep these factors in mind and look for the best IAS coaching centre to get a good score.

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E. Success rate and past results

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