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Adv, sanjay Bhardwaj

LLB LKO University

canva 2

Dr. Tahsildar singh

Ex РIps officer 

PhD(Ancient India,Art & Culture)

rahgav dubey

Adv. Raghav Dubey

LL.M. Allahabad University
Senior Adv. at Allahabad Bench

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Ankit Srivastava

Environment Faculty

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Dr. Shalini Singh

Msc microbiology.  M.A. History/ sociology / philosophy

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Adv. Aaditya Pratap Singh

LL.M. ( Allahabad university)
M.A History

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Adv. Ravi Singh

Economy Faculty

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Dr. Babita singh

PhD. Sociology

jitendra sir

Mr. Jitendra Kumar

Aptitude test Expert Faculty

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