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Global South: Emergence of new World Order


  • GS 2 India & Foreign Relations

In News

Recently, India launched the Voice of Global South Summit.

Outcomes of Summit 

  • It has provided valuable inputs from the Global South that could aid India’s efforts to ensure the success of the G20 summit in Delhi later this year.
  • It demonstrates the willingness of the Global South to support Indian leadership in addressing global challenges that have had a profound effect on the state of many developing nations.
  • During the summit, India unveiled three initiatives to assist the Global South in areas ranging from technology to health. Under the “Aarogya Maitri” project, medical supplies will be provided to any developing country affected by natural disasters.
  • India will establish a Global South Centre of Excellence to conduct research on development solutions for developing nations and to advocate for a human-centered globalisation to address their concerns.
  • India will “launch a Global South Science and Technology initiative to share our knowledge with other developing countries.”
  • India proposed a ‘Global South Young Diplomats Forum’ to “connect young officers to our Foreign Ministries” in order to amplify the diplomatic voice of the group.

About Global South

• In common usage, the term Global South refers to countries with low levels of economic and industrial development, which are primarily located in the southern hemisphere and to the south of industrialised, developed nations.

The regions of Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania are another way to conceptualise the Global South.

In addition, the term ‘Global South’ paints a picture of a world dominated by historically neglected and minor geopolitical players.

India’s Approach towards the global south

  • India, with its vast population and economic prowess, is attempting to unite the nations of the Global South into a powerful front in order to adopt an action-oriented strategy for the nations of the global south.
  • India has a great deal to offer the rest of the world, particularly countries in the global south.
  • In addition to India’s Vaccine Maitri, which provided medicines and vaccines to more than 100 countries during the pandemic, the world witnessed India’s significant role in evacuating citizens from Afghanistan and Ukraine during the respective wars in those countries.
  • India’s digital public assets, such as UPI, RuPay, and India stack, which serve a significant portion of the country’s population, can serve as a potent instrument for the digital transformation of other developing and emerging nations.

Issues :

• The devastating and disproportionate impact of the twin crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine has been felt in the Global South.

• Multilateralism is in dire straits as a result of the escalating military tensions among the great powers, specifically between Russia and China and the United States, Europe, and Japan.

• The breakdown of international trading rules and the weaponization of global finance have exacerbated major power conflicts.

• India’s own history with the Non-Aligned Movement and the Group-77 developing nations demonstrates the difficulty of uniting the Global South in pursuit of shared objectives.

Suggestions and Conclusion :

• The world is well aware of the unrealized potential in the expanding economies of the Global South.

• The countries of the Global South should unite and change the unequal “global political and financial governance” structures; • The world should respond to the priorities of the Global South, recognise the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities for global challenges, respect the sovereignty of all nations, and uphold the rule of law, and reform international institutions such as the United Nations;

• India must unquestionably contribute in more substantial ways to the modernization of the global economy; and If the Global South and India collaborated, significant progress could be made in the fight against terrorism, maritime policy, and other areas.

• India anticipates simple and sustainable solutions from the entire Global South to improve the lives of its citizens.

• The Global South is not adequately represented in the “eight-decade-old model of global governance,” and it should shape the “emerging order.”

o As India assumes the G-20 presidency this year, it is only natural that we seek to amplify the voice of the Global South.

Mains Practice Question

[Q ]. The majority of global challenges were not created by Global South countries, but they disproportionately affect them. In light of this statement, analyse India’s influence in the Global South over the past decade..

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