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Indian Express

Indian Express
Subject  Pg No  Todays Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 1 1 (Social Issues) Sexual harassment panels: NHRC notice to sports bodies and ministry. What are the most important provisions of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act? Other sexual harassment laws, existing problems, and suggestions
GS 2 1,12&15 Unique among UTs, the Supreme Court has granted the NCT’s state government complete control over its services.

With considerable strength and esteem

What factors tilt the delhi government’s favor?


(Policy and Administration)

Learn about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding administrative services in Delhi, as well as its implications, critical analysis, and next steps.
GS 2 1,13&15 Governor’s request for Thackeray’s floor test is unjustified, but he cannot restore government: SC

Supreme Court red lines

Important lessons from the Maharashtra verdict (Politics and Government)

A floor test and the Supreme Court’s Observations on the Governor’s Floor Test Call.
GS 3 7 Prime Minister Modi recalls India’s nuclear tests and asserts that India uses technology to advance, not to assert itself (Science and Technology). Learn about National Technology Day, including its history, objectives, and most recent developments.

The Hindu

The Hindu
Subject Pg No Todays Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 2 1&


Governor’s error in calling floor test: SC

The Supreme Court’s decision in Sena v. Sena


(Policy and Administration)

What is the floor exam? And What Are the Supreme Court’s Opinions Regarding the Governor’s Floor Test? Can courts adjudicate on petitions for disqualification? What does the text say about the Speaker’s function?
GS 2 1 The Supreme Court has ruled that the Delhi government has control over its officers (Politics and Governance). What is the Supreme Court’s ruling on Delhi’s administrative services and its repercussions?
GS 2 8 The issue with India’s multi-alignment policy is


(Diplomatic Relations)



Learn about India’s approach to conflict resolution to promote global peace, related emergent issues, and future plans.
GS 2/3 10 What is the impasse regarding the U.S. debt limit? What is the United States debt limit? And what impact would a debt default have on the global economy?
GS 3 16 (International Economics/Relations) What is a Module for Automated Return Inspection? And its purposes.