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Subject  Pg No  Todays Topics Tips and trickx for PRE and MAINS 
GS 1 12 a disproportionate weight (Social Issues) What are the obstacles to women entering the workforce, what steps has the government taken, and what else needs to be done?
GS 2/3 13 In the interest of safety (international/disaster management) What problems surround the financial management of catastrophe risks? How the G20 would significantly contribute to efforts throughout the world to manage catastrophes, the function of the new Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group (DRRWG), India’s experience dealing with natural disasters, and the way forward
GS 2/3 15 The latest medications for Alzheimer’s (Health/Science and Technology) How is Alzheimer’s disease defined? medication and therapies
GS 2/3 17 India and EFTA trade agreement will promote trade, investment, and employment growth (International/Economy) learn about the countries that are members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), What is TEPA (Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement) and why is the free trade agreement between EFTA and India important?